Saturday, October 11, 2014

Second day of Deer Park History Mural installation

Here are the photos of what we have achieved so far

It has been very exciting to put the children's artwork onto the wall. Two participants of one of the Huntclub workshops came today to look at their artwork and we were able to intstall the Miles St. Church whilst the artist who made it watched.

On the first day of mosaicing, I was joined by Alessandra who made a large area of houses and streets.
Our community volunteers today were my two friends Evie and Melissa and a local young  person called Nicholas. It was very good to have such valuable company. We achieved a lot and now have three eighths of the mural installed.

If you would like to have a go at Mosaicing the mural, you can turn up on one of the following days:

 this coming Monday 13th Ocotber  9 - 2.30

Saturday 18th October  10 - 4pm

Monday 20th October 1- 4pm

Above: progress on the first day

The deer park mural is a collaborative effort of 
Brimbank Council
Deer park Pharmacy,
Gallery Sunshine Everywhere
St Peter Chanel School,
Deer Park North Primary School
Deer park West Primary School
The mural is made of ceramic features made by 640 community members, set in a background of mosaic.
The mural celebrates the history of Deer Park and was officially opened on December 9, 2014
The mural is located in the arcade next to Deer Park Pharmacy, in the Deer Park shopping strip on Ballarat Rd.


  1. Oh this is looking fabulous. The kids work stands ou well against the more neutral background, and so good to have such wonderful helpers.

    1. wonderful helpers!!!!! who said they might come back again!!!