Thursday, July 24, 2014

Houses made at St Peter Chanel Primary School

July 23rd!
A grade three class made houses for the mural.
The houses were made of clay and based on photographs of real houses past and present in Deer Park.
The houses have been made out of clay and decorated with underglaze colours.
These houses will be dried for about three weeks, then fired in the kiln, then glazed, then fired again and they will come out with brighter and shiny colours.
The houses will represent the dense settlement of Deer Park that took place after World War two when many immigrants came and built houses. Deer park became a home to many migrants and refugees seeking a better life.
Here are our fabulous houses!

 Deer Park History Mural

This year a ceramic  mural is being made at the Ballarat Rd Shopping Strip in Deer Park.  
Brimbank Council, Deer Park Pharmacy and Gallery Sunshine Everywhere are joining forces to get this community made mural happening. Three local schools have been involved in making artworks for the mural; Deer park north, Deer park West, and St Peter Chanel. 
The project has also involved community participation from local community members with workshops held at the Huntclub Community Arts Centre and the opportunity to work on the installation process.
The Mural will be officially opened in December 2014

Fish for the Kororoit creek made at St Peter Chanel Primary School

On the 23rd July a class of year 5 students at St Peter Chanel  Primary School made fish for the Deer Park Arcade History Mural.
They are made from white clay and decorated with coloured underglazes.  The fish will look much brighter after they are fired and glazed as the underglazes develop into bright colours when glazed.
The fish were made with the students using photographs of native fish to this area.
The fish will be swimming in the kororoit Creek in our mural!
What wonderful fish they are!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

workshops coming up at the Huntclub Community Arts Centre

There will be three workshops where community members can come alon and make ceramic features for the Deer Park History Mural which will be installed at the Deer Park arcade on Ballarat Rd.
The workshops are free of charge and will be held at the Huntclub Community Arts Centre, Ballarat Rd, Deer Park.
Ceramic workshops for the Deer Park Arcade History Mural
Would you like to be a part of history?
Attend one of the ceramic workshops to make features for the Deer Park History Mural. Learn to paint on ceramic tiles and clay.
These workshops are being organised so that the local community can take part in the making of the mural.
If you would like to come along to one of the workshops, please book your place at the Huntclub Community Arts Centre  tel: 9249 4601
Tuesday, 29th July – 6-8pm
Wednesday, 6th August – 6-8pm
Friday, 29th August – 2-4:30pm
Please book your place with reception at the Huntclub as places are limited.