Monday, December 8, 2014

Mural Completed!!!!

Above: view of all five panels of mural in the deer park arcade.

Our Mural is finally completed
and another one:

Above: first panel of the mural.

A great collaboration between
Brimbank Council,
Gallery Sunshine Everywhere and its volunteers
Chris and staff at the Deer Park Pharmacy,
St Peter Chanel School, 
Deer Park North Primary School,
Deer Park West Primary School,
The Huntclub Community Arts Centre,
Local Community Members
Local historians
The Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council

640 local artists have been involved in making ceramic features or the installation of this mural and their names are also featured on small ceramic tiles.

Over twenty days of volunteer work was  involved in the preparation and firing of the ceramic artworks, research and installation of the mural.

The volunteer contributions of community members and school students and their wonderful teachers amounts to 120 days.

The deer park mural is a collaborative effort of 
Brimbank Council
Deer park Pharmacy,
Gallery Sunshine Everywhere
St Peter Chanel School,
Deer Park North Primary School
Deer park West Primary School
The mural is made of ceramic features made by 640 community members, set in a background of mosaic.
The mural celebrates the history of Deer Park.

Links to Gallery Sunshine Everywhere website: